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Mathematics and Statistics Group

MAT9MA: Special Topics

SCQF Level: 10
Availability: Autumn, Advanced module
Course Prerequisite: MAT913
Credit Value: 22 (1 module)


To provide an insight into two topics in applicable mathematics not available elsewhere in the Mathematics and its Applications programme. The topics to be delivered in Autumn 2009 are (i) Mechanics and (ii) Game Theory.

Learning Outcomes

In (i) to apply techniques to practical problems, studying the different types of motion of a particle and a rigid body and understand how different forces interact on these. In (ii) to find optimal strategies for a number of different types of games, specifically non-cooperative, repeated and dynamic games. To study applications in evolution, economics and sociology.


Mechanics: Newton's Laws of Motion, centre of mass, linear and angular momentum, Koenig's Theorem.
Game Theory: Static games; dynamic games; repeated games. Nash Equilibria, Prisoner's dilemma, Hawk-Dove.

Transferable Skills

Analytical thinking, logical skills.


To be confirmed...

Teaching Format

3 one-hour lectures per week and a weekly tutorial of 1.5 hours.


1/3 coursework and 2/3 examination.