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Mathematics and Statistics Group

Some interesting links

BBC Learning Schools - a colourful, varied site designed to support the BBC's educational broadcasts and provide students with an environment in which to develop their knowledge. Students can visit the Learning Station home page for a full list of Web sites for schools, and teachers and parents are able to surf into the Education for Adults home page to find a comprehensive list of online educational resources.

+Plus Magazine - this internet magazine aims to introduce readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics.

Zona Land - here there are educational and entertaining explanations, plus a range of graphics pertaining to physics, mathematical sciences, and mathematics in general. Whether pupils are specifically curious about fractals, geometry or vectors, they will find the answers here.

NRICH Online Maths Club - for school pupils.

Mathematica has a very nice web site and is certainly worth visiting for two special features:

The Graphics Gallery - both still and animated graphics.
The ``Integrator'' - feed in any function and have it integrated.

The Prime Pages - all you ever wanted to know about primes.

History of Mathematics - a history of mathematics from ancient times to the present day, and biographies of famous mathematicians.

The Mathematical Atlas - a collection of short articles giving an introduction to topics in modern mathematics.

Euclid's Elements - a website to rekindle interest in this hugely influential historical work.

Integer Sequence Resources - use this site to get information about particular number sequences.

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