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Mathematics and Statistics Group

Mathematics Workshops for 4th/5th year pupils Monday 14th June 2010


Coke-Pepsi Challenge


Matches game



Each group takes part in three sessions:

  1. Quiz:

    Here pupils will form teams of between 3 and 5 members (where mixing pupils from different schools will be encouraged). They will then take part in a "maths" quiz consisting of a number of rounds, where questions will be read out by a "quiz master", including a picture round.

  2. Games:

    Here pupils will be involved in competitive game playing. Examples include:

    Circle Game - two players take it in turns to join with a straight line a pair of dots on a circle. The first person to complete the triangle wins the game; or alternatively the first person to complete a triangle loses.

    Filling in squares on a grid - a more intellectual form of noughts and crosses, trying to claim the last squares for yourself.

    Match Game - using a pile of matches, two players take it in turns to remove between one and x number of matches. The player to remove the last match is the winner.

    Optimisation Game - here teams of pupils try to design and build a structure, subject to time and cost constraints, with the aim of maximising profit.

  3. Either "Sampling Challenge" or "Ciphers":

    Sampling Challenge - These challenges can range from whether people can taste the difference between various drinks, to whether chocolate can actually be good for you, to how random is random? Pupils will take part in one of these activities and investigate how statistics can play a role in almost every aspect of everyday life.

    Ciphers - Ever wanted to be a spy? In this activity pupils will find out about some of the mathematics behind the coding and decoding of messages. They will look at the frequency at which different letters appear in everyday text, and compete to be the first team to decode a message.

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