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If you have visited my page before you may notice some subtle changes -
I thought that, after about 2 years, my page deserved a new look!!

I should probably also renew the above photo as it
was also taken a couple of years ago!! Doesn't time fly!!!

You may be reading this page for any number of reasons but most likely because :

1.    you are taking one of the units on which I teach
2.    you are seeking some statistical advice/collaboration.

In either of these cases, please follow the links below.
These are not mutually exclusive or even exhaustive reasons!!

Teaching Responsibilities

Some Publications

The Statistical Service

Computing Science and Mathematics

Catherine A Howie (cah@cs.stir.ac.uk)

Teaching Fellow / Statistical Consultant
Room 4B70, Cottrell Building
Department of Computing Science and Mathematics
University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA   SCOTLAND
Telephone: 01786 467465     Fax: 01786 464551
Updated 28th June 2002