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Welcome to my corner of the web! I'm Dr. Saemundur Haraldsson, known to friends as Saemi, a lecturer in Computing Science and Mathematics by profession and an adventurer at heart. Originally from Iceland, I have been living and working in Scotland for over a decade. My academic journey includes a BSc and MSc in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iceland, followed by a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Stirling. My life beyond academia is a tapestry of diverse passions and experiences. I find my solace and excitement in traveling, exploring new places and cultures. The great outdoors calls to me often; whether it's hillwalking, skiing, or snowboarding, I'm there with enthusiasm.

At home, my world revolves around cherished moments with friends, family, and my loyal Greyhound, Lennox Longlegs, affectionately known as Lenny. My love for cooking and enjoying great food is a testament to my belief in the joys of simple pleasures. And yes, there was a time when skydiving was my way of touching the skies!

Lennox Longlegs

My research is at the forefront of the application of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, with a specific focus on health and social care, and search-based software engineering. A significant highlight of my work is the development of the first Genetic Improvement of Software framework used on a live software system in industry. This pioneering work was detailed in my PhD thesis and has set a precedent for practical applications of genetic improvement techniques in real-world settings.

As an active contributor to the academic community, I have co-organized every iteration of the Genetic Improvement of Software tutorial at major conferences like GECCO, CEC, PPSN, and ASE. My expertise and contributions in this field are further evidenced by multiple publications, including two that have received best paper awards. Additionally, I co-authored the first comprehensive survey on Genetic Improvement, marking a significant milestone in the field.

Here below is a table of some of my publications, this might not always be up-to-date, for that you have a better chance visiting my Google Scholar profile: My scholar profile

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Best way to reach me is via email: saemundur.haraldsson@stir.ac.uk, or you can make an appointment for my office hours on my booking page: Bookings with Saemi